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Bill Gates: “Everyone needs a coach.”

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What we provide…

Executive coaching

We provide personalized coaching service to middle to senior level managers and business owners to help you realize that you are more powerful than you know. In fact, what got you here will not lead you there. The very facts led your success today might be the exact reasons holding you back for even greater levels of achievement. We will let you know that from our experience.


With decades of corporate business experience, we help middle to senior level managers to achieve higher levels of accomplishment. Why do almost half of new hirings get fired in their first year? Are you frustrated by a lack of recognition? Why can’t you get promoted even though you have produced strong results? We will show you the roadmap and help you to navigate your career transition for your career advancement through our 30-day and 100-day programs.

Soft-skill training

Your education and certifications, so-called hard skills, can get you into the door for a job. They find you a place to work. If you want to find your career, find your voice, find your mission and passion in what you do, you need soft skills. Hard skills can only get you so far, it is the soft skills that get you fly high. We provide soft-skill workshops online and on site. These include communication skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills etc. These soft skills help you to manage expectations from your boss, colleagues, and clients to manage your career advancement.

What people say about us…


― Liv, Headhunter for Executives

管理期望,管理职业生涯”这个工作坊:对于觉得自己不能很好地和领导、和家人沟通,或者对自己很不满意的人,特别是转型时期不想重蹈覆辙而是有所提升的人,我会推荐这个课程给他。要想成长或推进一项任务,都要学会管理期望,有效沟通。- Zhifeng, Fiance adviser


― Chen, Content creator and editor

你是否曾有无法满足他人甚至自己期望的痛苦?你是否心有所困,却无章可循?这里有你想要的答案,在一个虚拟的学习场景、度过一段真实有爱的旅程。经验丰富、耐心专业的教练Liru,通过案例、互动、作业的方式为我和伙伴们指点迷津。从道的层面觉察自我潜意识,从术的层面学习期望设置的方式。– Xiaodan, HR manager

The key to success and fulfillment in life starts with the awareness of and confidence in your own personal greatness.

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We have over 340 ambitious people in our community. We interact with each other daily to share ideas, laughs, challenges, and growth.


We are 100% with you during our co-creative journey so that you can become the more confident and successful leader.


We are bilingual. Our coaches speak both English and Chinese. We consistently create and deliver value to our clients and community and serve them wholeheartedly.

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