Liru: Career Transition Coach

Liru is a rare breed. As a certified coach, trainer, and speaker with international coaching experience, as a scientific researcher and inventor with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, as a corporate executive with over 25 years of corporate experience, Liru has a deep understanding of both the theory and practice involved in career development and leadership development. After talking to Liru, you will shift your way of thinking about your career transition and advancement, will increase your leadership capacity, and develop a clearer sense of meaning in what you do.  Liru will show you how.

Liru, as an executive coach focusing on transitioning and a consultant on D&I for multinational companies, is to help high achievers and high performers to develop their passion; is to maximize their potentials and be their best through finding and creating meaningful work by mindset change and career development strategy through coaching, mentoring, and training; is to help leaders bringing their whole self to work with purpose and performance; is to help leaders to increase awareness of the impact of unconscious biases and stereotyping, boost cross-culture agility and emotional intelligence.  

Liru is bilingual. She will conduct coaching and training in either English or Chinese.

From an early age, Liru learned to make the most of her opportunities.  She was born in China and grew up during the chaos of the Cultural Revolution.   As a teenager, Liru was told exactly what her future would be: she could either go to countryside to serve the peasants or join the army to serve the country. But then History intervened and the Cultural Revolution ended.  

The universities re-opened and Liru was able to seize the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor and Master degree in pharmaceutical engineering.  After ten years working as an engineer in China she accepted the offer of a scholarship to move to Canada and earn her Ph.D.  

But while Education allowed Liru to gain a place in the world, life-long learning gave her the necessary wings to fly higher in her career by teaching her how to navigate the challenges of the corporate world.  

Liru’s interests are many and varied, which has allowed her to work successfully as an executive for multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and food production industries in different countries, while at the same time transforming herself into a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Certified Professional Soft-Skill Trainer (TFT), and public speaker – a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) so that she might help others enjoy the same success. 

Liru combines her coaching and training skills with her corporate experience and skills in such areas as corporate operations, executive decision making, marketing, regulatory affairs, product development, business development, public speaking, coaching, and cross-cultural communication.  She has helped many managers and executives in achieving career fulfillment and being an authentic leader.

Why don’t give a call to Liru today to explore your career inspirations!

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